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Whilst it's very kind of you to give him gifts, Colin has asked me to ask everyone we know, please, for goodness sake, do not buy him novelty tins of biscuits for his birthday/Christmas this year!  We didn't eat all the ones we got last year and we never really know what to do with the tins once the biscuits are gone.

If you still want to buy him a present, can I suggest rubber ducks, liquorice allsorts or socks instead?
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Goodness me how time flies by!  It seems like only yesterday that the Pie challenge happened.

However it's actually been almost a year and with that in mind, the next challenge has been decided (this is why I shouldn't go to weddings, too much plotting time).

This time it's bread!  There will be 3 categories - best looking, best tasting sweet bread and best tasting savoury bread.

I suspect the challenge will happen at the end of Jan/begining of Feb 2015, so you've got plenty of time to think about it/practise your best breads.

Leave a comment here if you're interested and if there's enough people I'll organise it a bit more :)

New Foods

Jun. 16th, 2014 05:30 pm
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Food Thoughts and Recipe Links )


May. 20th, 2014 09:16 am
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Whee! I'm very excited and giggly today!  Thank you to everyone for my presents and cards!


I am currently at work admiring yet more cards (and champagne! ) whilst work bounces happily in the baby seat.


The only problem with an otherwise wonderful day is just how hot this ballgown is to wear!

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No one does happy like a toddler.


This morning I thrilled a little person by giving her a snack (a single dry cracker) and allowing her to sit on a big girl (adult) chair to eat it. There is nothing exciting about any of that but she was so excited, about the novelty of a snack and the chance to sit somewhere she's not usually allowed.


Then this afternoon, small madam and I have shared a can of lemonade and by shared I mean she's had a dribble from my can in a tiny cup. That combined with being allowed all the watering cans to play with (filled) has been heaven.  Again, nothing particularly special but she's acting like today is her birthday and Christmas all rolled into one!

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So, I'm at work. As per usual I've turned up 10 minutes before my shift to put the toys out, check messages and read any notices. This has only ever been an issue on Mondays when the room is used before me. 


Today, I don't even think about it because creche is booked for 9-12, it just so happens I'm not needed until 11. So I grab my folder from reception,  charge up the stairs and open the door to my room ready to move the furniture.


And interrupt a meeting? Of some sort? 3 people I have never seen before are sat around my desk! I apologise and start to back out, confused. One of the men stops me and says that they are finished and I am welcome to carry on with whatever I'm doing.


The woman scowls at me and demands to know if I've booked the room.


What the ever loving fuck? I work here!  This is my time to be in here, of course I've got it booked!


I politely inform them that I am the crèche leader and I have come to set up the crèche.


They leave and I set up.  My colleague drops by to say hi and I tell her about it, because I am amused and confused.  She has no idea who they are either. ..


20 minutes later and I still have no idea who they were or why they were having a meeting in the treatment room...

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I just wish it would stop now.  Really really stop.  I want to be better and I don't want to be scared to open my eyes in case I'm blind again.  C'mon body, is that really too much to ask for?

In three months it will have been a year.  Feels like a lifetime.
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Ask any character I've written/played in any system or fiction for advice, and they will provide it, advice columnist style. Your problems or fictional characters' problems both welcome. Management is not responsible for the results of following said advice.

Characters available:-

Katrin Law
Rose Fletcher
Rainbow Heledir
Eirlys mab Padran Perdii
Kelsey Rabbit
Honoria Hartwell-Jones
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So, despite the fact that I have plenty of sewing to do, my brain is insisting that I plan out another project!


I need a few ideas though,  can people please comment with their fave pic/image of autumn? 


Mmm, Pie...

Sep. 3rd, 2013 09:41 pm
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So...  Ages ago (years ago in fact) we had a brownie baking compettion and much fun was had by all.  At the end of it we agreed that we'd have a pie baking competition.

I feel that the time of the pie contest has come!  Please leave a comment if you are interested (in baking or judging) and if enough people say they are I will organise some kind of pie contest at some point :)
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Have made it into the garden for the first time in a few weeks to do some gardening today!

I have:-

  • picked roses for my fave vase

  • started picking the apples (couldn't reach all of them so will need help on another day)

  • weeded the wild strawberry patch

  • cut some bay and hung it up for drying

  • pruned the deadwood of one of my potted dwarf cherry tree mutants

  • started pruning the apple tree (again, too big a job to finish alone)

  • started deadheading the rose bushes

  • tidied up all the windfall apples

  • filled two trugs with weeds

Now sitting down with a cup of tea and a freshly baked cake (did I mention that I've also baked cake today?). 
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I am now officially discharged.  That's the good news.

The bad news ('cos, hah, there always seems to be some of that) is that I am left with permanent unfixable damage.  The muscle that controls the pupil is ripped and unlikely to mend, ever.  This effectively means that my eyes don't work together for close range vision unless the light is /just/ right.  And even then it's not a definite.

There's not a lot that can be done either.  I shall be buying lamps for the house, so I can make sure all the areas I need to work/live in have the right lighting levels for me and I shall also be investing in some good sunglasses so that I can still spend time outdoors without worrying that I might be doing ore damage to msyelf.  Also, hats.  Hats are good and I need more of them as they will help with the light levels a lot.

I have an opticians appoint,ent next wednesday partly for my pressure test as I'm at a higher risk of glaucoma now and partly to see if they can change my prescription at all to make it more helpful for the problems I have in the meantime.

This isn't quite as bad as it sounds, I've been dealing with it since april after all and it's largely manageable.  It's just...  It's hard to hear that it's a permanent thing, even when you think that could be the case and right now this feels unbelievably hard to bear.

Good Stuff

Jul. 9th, 2013 10:48 pm
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I have my next hospital appointment tomorrow and I'm kind of worried because my eye isn't improving and it's scaring me a bit.  So in order to focus on happy things I'm going to make a list here of all the good stuff I've achieved recently.

1.  Sunday's larp was panic attack free.  Admittedly there weren't many fights, but still, it's a start and it's a good milestone to have hit.  It brings Katrin that little bit closer.

2. I did gym session no. 5 today and this was my first 'solo' session.  I did every exercise, managed to use all the machines, wasn't totally exhasuted at the end and accidentally lengthened my distance on the rowing machine (vision problems mean I misread it and so set myself an extra 200 metres).  Despite this I bought my split time down again!  Woo!  2.18/500m in case anyone is wondering and knows about them :P

3.  I have added more plants to the garden.  The garden is, if I say so myself, looking spectacular at the moment!  I'm loving spending time out there and really hoping to invite people round to hang out in the garden soon, whilst it's all tidy!

4.  I've finished my bodice!  It's really pretty, fitted nicely and so awesome my parents think I could wear it to a Fan Makers event.  Not much I know, but the Fan Makers Dinners were the epitome of grown up elegance in my childhood.  And this for something likely to end up as larp kit!

5.  My shorts were really baggy today.  This doesn't sound that awesome until you consider the fact that they were tight before I started the gym.  Could it be that the tummy podge is being defeated?

6.  I've tackled all the scary phonecalls I need to make for this week.  In fact I think I've tackled all the 'adult' chores (money, bills, phonecalls etc), leaving the rest of the week free for sewing and fun stuff.

7.  I have a new top just waiting for the weather to cool of a smidge so I can wear it.

8.  I am being 'social' and going out for drinks on Friday.
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If you and your young charge have spent the last half an hour or so merrily throwing buckets of water around the garden, splashing each other, making 'raindrops' and generally having a glorious if soggy time, do not then sit on the lawn.  It will be damp!  And you will have a soggy patch on your trousers, causing your small person to laugh so hard they get a damp patch on their trousers, necessitating in a change of clothing for them.

To Do List

May. 27th, 2013 09:58 pm
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Sainsburys shop - done
Clean house - cleaned the kitchen.  It's a start...
Laundry (so much, where does it all come from?!) - again, have made a start.  Have also come to the conclusion we have too many bed linens...
Blog post - done!  Woo!
Thank-you letters
Letter to Ollie - done, ready to be posted
Clean tent ground sheet
Tidy front garden
Sew something (anything...) - made a baby gift, mended trousers and added a loop to a tea towel
Weed the rest of the back garden

Doesn't looks so bad now it's all written down :)

One day later I call that good progress!
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I have normal pressure again (yay!).  The meds have been reduced to 3 drops, twice a day and I don't have to go back for 2 weeks.

Still can't drive, fight, wear a corset or carry heavy stuff, but other than that I'm slowly clawing my way back to health.

Should be thrilled, but mostly I can't help thinking what a seemingly interminable slog this is...  I don't do being ill all that well I guess.

Next job, let the woozy pills leave my system and then try and sort out the mental wibbles (of which there are many and no handy mediciations to take).

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So, home from hospital again.  More mixed news.  The good news is that according to the doctor (who I have now seen twice, so she does actually have a good comparison) the eye is healing nicely.  There's less red blood cells at the front, which is apparently good?

The bad news is that the pressure /still/ isn't at a level where they are happy (this morning's reading was 28, not the worst, but still not in the desired 10-20 range).  So, the current plan is to flush the eye with all the medications ever, to try and fix it.  So I've had another prescription change, got more of the woozy pills (it worries me that I seem to be adapting to them) and gained a new drop, to be done just before I go to bed.

I have another appointment on Friday morning to see if these drops are doing the job.  I suppose at least I've gone from serious medical problem to quite interesting medical puzzle?

What this means in terms of my life.  Gentle doing stuff is good and to be encouraged.  No over doing it though.  In case anyone is wondering it's very easy to tell when I'm overdoing it because I get a headache and my eye aches until I go and have a nice sit down for a bit.  Light gardening, cleaning and cooking is all ok.  Sewing is fine (yay!), gentle walking is fine and roleplay is completely fine.  Work is ok, provided I build an after work rest in, which I have so far been doing.

I currently am not allowed to drive, carry very heavy stuff (a handbag is fine, the shopping less so), run (again a tiny jog for a few paces is fine, a long run or a sprint is a no go), combat is totally out.  Not allowed to fight until I'm healed as they don't know (and I don't want to find out) what a head hit could do to me.  When I'm better (and if I want to do combat) it's going to be a case of working out what and how much and building up gradually I suspect.  Mostly I'm supposed to do as much as I think I can handle and no more. I may need to practise saying no to people...  Oh and I'm definitely not taking the weapons for the club for a while.  I can't carry them to put them in the garage and I fail to see why Colin sohuld have to, so consider my house out in terms of weapon storage.

That said, I currently see no reason why I can't be a non-combat monster on Sunday, so, provided Friday's appointment goes ok I should hopefully be there.


Apr. 22nd, 2013 12:50 pm
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Walked (super slowly) to work.  Boss set out work equipment for me, I just about scraped through one hour of one (thrilled to see me) baby, more or less tidied up and taxied home.  Am now curled up on the sofa with a headache.  Kinda of glad I'm going to hospital and not work tomorrow!
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Well, the good news is promising.  I have a healthy (though injured) eye.  In time I should make a full recovery.  I am no longer on complete bed rest and I can go back to work (in between hospital appointments anyway).  I can go to the ic meal and possibly more important to me right now - I can garden and clean the house and cook!  My pupil is dilated due to one of my meds and may stay that way for upto a week, but it's not a problem so I can stop worrying about it.

The bad news is that the pressure has gone up again, which accounts for the headaches, the stinging eye drops and my general miserableness.  I've had a change of medication and am back on pills.  These ones might make me woozy, but also might give me pins and needles in my fingers.  Fun times.  I'm not allowed to do any combat until my eye is completely recovered incase I get another knock that messes it up.  I'm not allowed to larp at all this weekend as the pressure's not right and I might do myself more damage running around in the woods plus I'm still doing eye drops every 3-4 hours which makes larp tricky.  I have to go back to hospital on Tuesday to see how the medication is working out for me.  I can't drive either, which is making life tricky.  Poor Colin has to do all the shopping!

Still - at least I can start getting my life back together?  Going to start by sweeping and hoovering, then working out what to cook for dinner tonight.  After that I have a sneaky suspcion it might be nap time (again...)


Apr. 19th, 2013 08:01 am
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Off to the hospital shortly.  Feel miserable.  I /just/ want to be better.


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