Apr. 19th, 2013


Apr. 19th, 2013 08:01 am
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Off to the hospital shortly.  Feel miserable.  I /just/ want to be better.
luthaiseakit: (Ria)
Well, the good news is promising.  I have a healthy (though injured) eye.  In time I should make a full recovery.  I am no longer on complete bed rest and I can go back to work (in between hospital appointments anyway).  I can go to the ic meal and possibly more important to me right now - I can garden and clean the house and cook!  My pupil is dilated due to one of my meds and may stay that way for upto a week, but it's not a problem so I can stop worrying about it.

The bad news is that the pressure has gone up again, which accounts for the headaches, the stinging eye drops and my general miserableness.  I've had a change of medication and am back on pills.  These ones might make me woozy, but also might give me pins and needles in my fingers.  Fun times.  I'm not allowed to do any combat until my eye is completely recovered incase I get another knock that messes it up.  I'm not allowed to larp at all this weekend as the pressure's not right and I might do myself more damage running around in the woods plus I'm still doing eye drops every 3-4 hours which makes larp tricky.  I have to go back to hospital on Tuesday to see how the medication is working out for me.  I can't drive either, which is making life tricky.  Poor Colin has to do all the shopping!

Still - at least I can start getting my life back together?  Going to start by sweeping and hoovering, then working out what to cook for dinner tonight.  After that I have a sneaky suspcion it might be nap time (again...)


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