Apr. 23rd, 2013

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So, home from hospital again.  More mixed news.  The good news is that according to the doctor (who I have now seen twice, so she does actually have a good comparison) the eye is healing nicely.  There's less red blood cells at the front, which is apparently good?

The bad news is that the pressure /still/ isn't at a level where they are happy (this morning's reading was 28, not the worst, but still not in the desired 10-20 range).  So, the current plan is to flush the eye with all the medications ever, to try and fix it.  So I've had another prescription change, got more of the woozy pills (it worries me that I seem to be adapting to them) and gained a new drop, to be done just before I go to bed.

I have another appointment on Friday morning to see if these drops are doing the job.  I suppose at least I've gone from serious medical problem to quite interesting medical puzzle?

What this means in terms of my life.  Gentle doing stuff is good and to be encouraged.  No over doing it though.  In case anyone is wondering it's very easy to tell when I'm overdoing it because I get a headache and my eye aches until I go and have a nice sit down for a bit.  Light gardening, cleaning and cooking is all ok.  Sewing is fine (yay!), gentle walking is fine and roleplay is completely fine.  Work is ok, provided I build an after work rest in, which I have so far been doing.

I currently am not allowed to drive, carry very heavy stuff (a handbag is fine, the shopping less so), run (again a tiny jog for a few paces is fine, a long run or a sprint is a no go), combat is totally out.  Not allowed to fight until I'm healed as they don't know (and I don't want to find out) what a head hit could do to me.  When I'm better (and if I want to do combat) it's going to be a case of working out what and how much and building up gradually I suspect.  Mostly I'm supposed to do as much as I think I can handle and no more. I may need to practise saying no to people...  Oh and I'm definitely not taking the weapons for the club for a while.  I can't carry them to put them in the garage and I fail to see why Colin sohuld have to, so consider my house out in terms of weapon storage.

That said, I currently see no reason why I can't be a non-combat monster on Sunday, so, provided Friday's appointment goes ok I should hopefully be there.


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