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So I just spent the weekend at the Unicorn faction event for the LT as a monster. 

I can't decide how I feel about it really.  Not so hugely enthused that I'm desperate to go back but not disliking it so much that I definitely wouldn't go back.

Some good bits and some bad bits...

Good bits
  • Everyone was friendly
  • Most people were happy to explain things
  • Level of costume was awesome and so inspiring for me. I'm itching to start about a dozen projects now!
  • Crafty talk in the monster room was good and I got some awesome hints and tips on how to make things
  • The 'talkies' I got to do were lots of fun.  I was an old crone for a linear and bimbled along with the party quite happily berating them all for being young essentially.  And then I was a very young, slightly shy and quite dim skaven.  Called Two-Ply.  No, I don't know why either...
  • I got to wear yellow and do some safety stuffs for the last two fights, which was oddly enough a lot more enjoyable than I thought it would be.
  • Getting Tim to deliver Greg's birthday present as a skaven :D
  • Being driven and cooked for, both of which made life so pleasant for me :D
Bad bits
  • They all hit way too hard for me :(
  • Not everyone did explain stuff, possibly because they thought we already knew it, but still not massively helpful
  • Not coping well with meeting all the new people and feeling like a moron on Friday night for not being able to do more than stand in a corner and panic quietly
  • Not being able to go deliver something ic because the thought of walking into the players room all by myself with no brief or anything defined was too scary to cope with
  • Feeling under dressed due to extreme levels of awesome kit in the monster room
  • Forgetting my sunglasses, I'm a muppet
  • Being smacked whilst on the floor and unable to tell them I was already dead because I was being hit too hard to get the words out coherently or raise my hand
  • Watching a monster who complained of being hit too hard be told it was her own fault for not wearing enough padding.  I didn't see the incident so I can't say if it was but his attitude was horrid.  
All in all, I think I did have fun. but if I go back it'll be entirely noncombatant and I will make/locate in my masses of stuff, generic monster kit that brings my kit in line with the levels of awesome everyone else had.  Oh and I'll take my sunglasses :D


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