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Goodness me last week was hard work.  I now have a new kitchen (yay!) and the workmen have gone and the junk has finally all been taken away.  I do not want to deal with anymore house improvements until next year at the very earliest.  Sadly though, my kitchen herbs have all vanished without trace!  I have acquired a new thyme and parsley.  The spare rosemary may get a reprieve and be allowed back in the house (It was outside to see if it could survive the winter and be properly planted).  But seriously - I'd love to know where the plants (and the mini watering can) have gone.

The kitchen is very lovely though.  All shiny and new, with loads of space.  Little things like having space to prep veg and make pastry, that before were an impossible juggling act involving the dining table, can now be done in the kitchen,  Without moving things!  It is possible to cook a meal without having to stop, tidy and completely clear away each stage!  I've also got all my crockery in the kitchen and there's still space!  Consider this warning - I will be hosting dinner parties again, just as soon as I've gotten over the wretched lurgy.

Speaking of the lurgy I am ill.  Not properly, able to go to bed and be poorly ill, but that irritating, feel like poo but don't have enough of an illness to justify taking time of work sort of ill.  If you want to contact me, please do so by email or skype/msn as I'm not answering the phone right now due to croaking like a frog.

Lots of other stuff going on, but not sure I want to talk about it here, other than to say I love you all and I wish I could make it better.  I would if I could, but as my mum is fond of saying - my magic wand is out of batteries...  Oh and I'm sorry I was grumpy last week.  Lemme get over this cold and I'll make it up properly I promise!
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Not a huge amount to say, but as I am currently feeling too poorly to do anything that doesn't involve sleeping or being curled up in bed I thought I'd update lj :)

Colin will be back from London for good tomorrow night!  This is hugely exciting!  He's been working there in the week for 2 months and I can honestly say it's been the worst two months I've had in Bath.  I have no idea how couples who are apart due to work and stuff do it.  I miss him horribly and I'm so tired all the time as I just don't sleep properly.  Still, one more night and he'll be back.  Even better, my parents (who he has been staying with) are refusing any kind of payment on the proviso he gets on and sorts the kitchen.  He's got next week off with a view to sorting finances, working out what sort of kitchen we can afford and getting quotes and what not organised.  Haiving a new kitchen will go a long way to making Colin being away worth it, it must be admitted!

Sewing hasn't been happening so much recently.  Not because I don't like sewing, but more because I've had an insane amount of babysitting and then I've taken advantage of thw weather to get out in the garden.  I've also been trying to sort out my bedroom which is very messy!  The comissions are starting to trickle back in though, so need to get sorted and back behind the machine!

Sam and I had a mini-adventure to Cardiff on Tuesday, which was a lot of fun.  Except for the bit where I forgot the joint account pin no.  That was less fun and as a result my personal account isn't quite as rosy as it was (it's still in the black, but no longer able to support my dream of a new shiny sewing machine).  Luckily, I've since remembered the pin and all is well with the world again!

Larp has been lots of fun recently.  If monstering the evil games is always that much fun I dunno if I'll bother with a new character.  I really did have the best of fun with my 3 monster roles of epic funsies!  Also enjoyed being Katrin on my birthday.  Ok, we as a party didn't do amazngly well at achievning our objectives, but Katrin had lots of good ideas and (I hope at least) managed to give the impression of being keen and wanting to help.  Slight flirting wth Tinker for fun as well :D  Really want to play this Sunday, but being good and monstering as there are lots of future games coming up that I want to play as well.

Have been trying out new hairstyles recently, in an effort to keep all my hair neatly out of the way, but so that it looks pretty.  I'm very bored of my college approved bun!  In furthering this effort I have a new set of combs and some lovely new hair flowers and scrunchies.

Had my first doctors appointment in years the other week, and now I'm back on medication.  Remembering to take the pills is tricky, but just about managing so far!  No visible signs of improvement just yet, but it takes about 6 weeks to kick in.  With this thought in mind I've dusted off the make-up bag in readiness for skin that won't hurt when I try to remove make-up!  CUrrently wandering where my most excellent Mary Quant make-up book as gone, as I'd like to practise some of those looks again, but it seems to have vanished into the aether currently...

I need to shoe shop at some point, as my current 'wedding outfit' only has kitten heels to go with it and as Colin's cousin's wedding reception is happening in a field I need flats.  Speaking of shopping, I got some gorgeous embroidered blue peacock feather fabric at a great price the other day.  That along with the wonderful fabrics Colin bought me for my birthday mean I have plenty to play with when I do get around to sewing for myself!

The roses in the back garden are in glorious bloom right now and I love it!  I really do adore roses, I'm wondering if I can convince Colin that we need a few more rose bushes?  The 6 we've got just aren't enough for me!  It's my dream to have enough roses to be able to fill every vase in the house and still leave roses blooming outside.  The cherry tree, gooseberry bush, violets, wild strawberries, blackcurrant bush and lavenders are all also growing exuberently which is good.  The aim this year is to make the patio somewhere tidy and nice to sit, then to make the garden at least vaguely tidy.  I'm not going to lose sleep over the odd buttercup and daisy, but I would like to have say 3/4 intentional plant 1/4 weeds, as opposed to the other way round which is what it seems to be now.

Right, getting sleepy (again).  Gonna go and have another nap I think.  Laters!


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