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Jul. 9th, 2013 10:48 pm
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I have my next hospital appointment tomorrow and I'm kind of worried because my eye isn't improving and it's scaring me a bit.  So in order to focus on happy things I'm going to make a list here of all the good stuff I've achieved recently.

1.  Sunday's larp was panic attack free.  Admittedly there weren't many fights, but still, it's a start and it's a good milestone to have hit.  It brings Katrin that little bit closer.

2. I did gym session no. 5 today and this was my first 'solo' session.  I did every exercise, managed to use all the machines, wasn't totally exhasuted at the end and accidentally lengthened my distance on the rowing machine (vision problems mean I misread it and so set myself an extra 200 metres).  Despite this I bought my split time down again!  Woo!  2.18/500m in case anyone is wondering and knows about them :P

3.  I have added more plants to the garden.  The garden is, if I say so myself, looking spectacular at the moment!  I'm loving spending time out there and really hoping to invite people round to hang out in the garden soon, whilst it's all tidy!

4.  I've finished my bodice!  It's really pretty, fitted nicely and so awesome my parents think I could wear it to a Fan Makers event.  Not much I know, but the Fan Makers Dinners were the epitome of grown up elegance in my childhood.  And this for something likely to end up as larp kit!

5.  My shorts were really baggy today.  This doesn't sound that awesome until you consider the fact that they were tight before I started the gym.  Could it be that the tummy podge is being defeated?

6.  I've tackled all the scary phonecalls I need to make for this week.  In fact I think I've tackled all the 'adult' chores (money, bills, phonecalls etc), leaving the rest of the week free for sewing and fun stuff.

7.  I have a new top just waiting for the weather to cool of a smidge so I can wear it.

8.  I am being 'social' and going out for drinks on Friday.


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