Apr. 16th, 2013

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Have come back from hospital (again).  The pressure is down from 58 (eek!) to 23 and the drops are working really well.  There has been a vast improvement in my vision (I could have told them that, but it's nice to know officially).

For now I'm on bed/sofa rest til Friday (3 days!!  How am I going to cope?!) with the woozy tablets as a firm incentive to keep me there.  Going to rest for a little bit, then make tea and settle down to a long rest!  I'm wondering if making a pot of tea is worth it, more effot to make, but less effort after?

Am also planning on piling up the dvds I want to watch (BRAVE!!  MANY TIMES!!  DANCIN' TATTIE BOGLE!).  That said - if you are online, be warned I will probably poke you.  Skype is about my limit but its an excellent way of staving the boredom off.

The crochet shawl is getting larger by the day.  I'm hopeful it might be finished this week, depending on what els ei find to entertain me.  Also, I know I'm waffling.  I'm woozy  it's allowed!  Takes less brain than Katrin's report as well...

Only other news is that I'm planning on starting wearing contact lenses again tomorrow.  The hospital say that's ok and I'm very fed up with the tunnel vision the glasses give me.  I need peripheral sight back dagnabbit!


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