Apr. 15th, 2013

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So, I woke up this morning and my eye felt even worse.  I dutifully got a taxi to the walk in centre, where they were very worried that neither of my pupils were responding well to light.  So I got referred to the hospital eye clinic at 11.  I went home, had a cup of tea then headed up to the hospital.

At the hospital I had a quick vision test, then got called into the doctor really quickly, which surprised me.  Until he explained as he examined me, anyway.  I'm apparently much more seriously injured than I'd thought.  The normal pressure in an eye is 10-20.  Mine was at 50 and rising.  So I got more drops and then one of the extra nasty injections where they stick a needle into your arm and then tape it in so they can pump you full of all sorts of drugs.  At this point I had a team of 6 nurses working on me, which was really scary.  I was really woozy after the injection, so I had a short lie down and chat to any and all medical personnel wandering in and out (they were clearly checking I was ok, it was quite reassuring and they all asked about larp...).

The doctor came back after half an hour or so and I had another pressure reading.  Luckily for me, it had gone down to 40 so as long as I promised to take my medicine religiously I was discharged.  Until tomorrow anyway, when I have to go back, have another pressure reading and check the meds are doing their thing properly.

In the meantime I am on strict sofa rest.  Having checked with the doctor, reading, sewing, crochet, knitting and the laptop are all fine.  Cooking, cleaning, tidying, washing up, gardening, machine sewing and walking are all on the not allowed list.  As is work.  I'm not allowed to do anything at all that might raise my blood pressure.

I've been lucky this time.  According to the doctor and nurses it's amazing I'm not worse off.  I'm so glad Katrin got lieutenancy.  Because I'm certainly paying a high price for it!


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